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Water Splitting by Magnetism | The current invention is a “Magnetolysis” device that is configured for splitting water by use of magnetism. in the splitting of the bipolar water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Bedini’s magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction Magnetolysis Water Fuel This forum is for discussion on any water fuel topic dealing with. MAGNETOLYSIS OF WATER In magnetolysis, magnetic induction is used a potential difference of 2V was created that resulted in hydrogen generation via.

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Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ?

Now 65, a refugee without an adequate laboratory, Ehrenhaft has again challenged a basic concept. A strong permanent magnet of the Alnico type suffers a marked loss of strength — say, 10 percent in 24 hours — after being used to decompose water, Dr. Adding a camera provides a permanent record. Bubbles or particles that hydrigen between pole pieces of a magnet behave just as if they were magnetic ions, or clusters of them — repelled by like magnetic poles, and attracted by oppositely magnetized poles.

I hate to have to burst a bubble here, but there are several problems with all this. Armagnac Popular Science June Oh well, thought I was on to a new catch phrase there. ,agnetolysis


I unconsciously traced what the Austrian Physicist Mr. Some enthusiasts recently are trying to revive this technology and experiment to see what is real and what is mythology. Yet a visitor to his laboratory cannot resist the temptation to let his imagination run free. WertyMay 30, And that is from water decomposed with a magnet! Weak magnetic fields 15 mT have also been shown to increase the evaporation rate.

Can electrolysis be powered by magnets?

Now the staggering implications of Dr. From a projector, a powerful beam of light converges upon the narrow gap between the pole pieces, and a low-power microscope, mounted horizontally, reveals what happens there.

Felix Ehrenhaft – would have made millions from it.

Anyone ever replicate this? Aaah, the ever-present cry of the woowoo.

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ? | Sciforums

There are obviously other things that come into play besides just HHO. Anyone have tried magnetolysis. There are still a few doors open worth investigating like LENR. As we know now, the loadstone that he floated on a platform in water simply turned until its north pole faced the south magnetic pole of the earth, and vice versa.

I add that the liquid put into the container is distilled water. If so, the wires might be of entirely different materials than the best conductors for electricity. An electromagnet, turned on or off at will energizes the poles. Try typing and reading, you could possibly learn something.


Can electrolysis be powered by magnets? – Revolution-Green

They are the single magnetic poles shown at mqgnetolysis lower right of the colored drawing. Water clusters even with random arrangements have equal hydrogen bonding in all directions.

And, in your home, substitution of magnetic current — who ever got a shock from it? As every schoolboy is taught, a magnetolysos has a north pole and a south pole. Anyway Flynn now works for the department of defence and that is why we don’t see much of this technology.

Read-OnlyMay 13, I thank you for your attention and I wish you a nice day.

But he does no such thing. Link and full article: His results suited another youngster, year-old James T. However this only causes a net reduction in hydrogen bonding at high salt concentrations for example 5 M NaClwhereas at lower concentrations 1 M NaCl the increase in water hydrogen bonding in the presence of such high magnetic fields more than compensates for this effect.

Without a magnet, pure hydrogen is evolved. Thanks for the Find Oli, “Magnetolysis”.