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Well the Jeju sauna is not going to get a good rating from us because of a recent incident there. In fact they do not deserved to be rated at all. On a recent visit. reviews of Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing “This used to be a place of relaxation and tranquility. A quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of. I’m in the women’s-only area at Jeju Sauna, a massive Korean spa in Duluth, and there is no safe place to put my eyes. Everywhere I look there.

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Write a Review Reviews Monday, December 31, Everywhere Sajna look there is nudity, brightly-lit and mostly unapologetic: I absolutely LOVE this place!!! Joylovereal College Park, Georgia.

Want to be humiliated? Go the Jeju Sauna – JeJu Sauna

It is nice, the tile is heated, especially since shoes aren’t allowed. Devotees of Korean spas promise that weekly or monthly visits can do wonders for your blood pressure, fatigue, stress levels, and chronic pain. Things to Do 38 Hotels 25 Restaurants Not bad, for the entry fee, my hip bath, body scrub, massage and food.

Some of these claims are backed by sciencewith studies showing that some saunas can detoxify and improve cardiovascular health.

Want to be humiliated? Go the Jeju Sauna – Review of JeJu Sauna, Duluth, GA – TripAdvisor

Go the Jeju Sauna. Want to be humiliated? Thanks Jeju I will see you again soon, next time I think I will try a foot massage!!


The swuna are too small to provide any sort of coverage, perhaps by design. Ask ambo a about JeJu Sauna.

We all paid for 24 hours and were told we would not get a refund. All I know is I feel really relaxed when I hear my number called.

It is a great place to relax. My girlfriend continued to shower when this employee came back and saw her still holding the undergarment in her hand in the shower. We did nothing to warrant this mistreatment by Jeju. So if you want to possibly be humiliated beyond reason then go to this spa which is run by highly unreasonable people.

Four hours pass easily, and by the time we leave I am soft-skinned, de-stressed, ready to climb into my bed—and a firm believer in the power of prolonged lounging, steaming, and, yes, being naked. Hotels near JeJu Sauna. I walk, naked you get the picture nowto the scrub room, which has four wet, vinyl-covered tables manned by middle-aged Korean women wearing black bathing suits.

I chose a day that eauna would expect everyone to be busy with family and holiday gatherings, that way I figured I would have the place practically to myself. Until you experience Jeju for yourself, everything you’ve heard does not give it justice. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

Test Drive: Duluth’s Jeju Sauna is worth stripping down for – Atlanta Magazine

The people are friendly and everyone tend to wind down around 2 am because people are starting to get some shut eye. I tried the different saunas, got a body scrub and the hip bath. I start out in the nudity-required area, where I move from a shower to a steam room, to a hot sauna and a freezing-cold pool, then back again. To enjoy everything, you need at least 4 hours. It was my first time but I prepared myself by reading up on the brochure to see benefits each sauna offered so I knew where I wanted to go once I got there.


I had fallen asleep earlier and I was just about to get more zzzzz’s in when the rush hit.

Then I lie down on a stone slab beneath infrared lights, feeling a little saunz like a Big Mac abandoned under a heat lamp. The sauna were rejuvenating and the pools were good for my muscles even the cold pool.

Test Drive: Duluth’s Jeju Sauna is worth stripping down for

Xscape Massage and Spa. It felt nice in the beginning Men and women lounge on the floor of these saunas on straw mats and plastic covered pillows while jejh at their phones or snoring peacefully. I am considering legal action. On this trip I tried the hip bath, which is good for women’s health, its great for afterbirth care, cramps and vaginal “tightening”.