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Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and existence / Jean Hyppolite ; translated by Leonard Lawlor and. Amit Sen. . Hyppolite’s interpretation of Hegel, see also Jean Hyppolite, “La ‘phenoin . This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism’s most obscure dialectical synthesis: the relation between the phenomenology and the logic. This book is.

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English Author Hyppolite, Jean. Certainly being is grounded, but it is grounded upon itself; it is because it is possible, but it is possible because it is.

Mediation is the object itself and the object is mediation. Philosophy, however, is the highest-the only authentic-mode of grasping the absolute Idea, because its modality is the highest, hyppolite concept, the only one in which truth exists as truth. In fact, these two charges destroy one another.

For example, the affirmative Judgment is considered in its form as true, since it is referred exclusively to the content. Skip to content Skip to search. Empirical Proposition and Speculative Proposition. Indefinite progression, however, what is without end, is the immediate difference which is not reflected as identity, as self-relation.

Logic and Existence

Reflection is not the external reflection of being in a knowing subject; it is being’s own internal reflection. Finite knowledge takes up what it had left out by means of the process of abstraction, but the absolute method, not being external to its object, finds in it the determination which is immanent to it.

Chris Peers – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 44 7: Popular passages Page xv – But truly to escape Hegel involves an exact appreciation of the price we have to pay to detach ourselves from him.


Being, Essence, Concept Conclusion. La Trobe University Library.

Logic and Existence (Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)

Notes Includes bibliographical references and index. JW marked it as to-read Mar 24, Then each determination of the form is nothing but a magnitude vanishing into the totality of this truth which is an absolute life, an absolute self-consciousness: Across his paintings, we can follow something like an intention which becomes explicit and precise, and which nevertheless was unaware of itself in the first works. Their synthesis, measure, is the transition from being to essence.

Separate different tags with a comma. It is infinite negation, the second negative, the negation of the negation or negativity. Pap on Logic, Existence, and Descriptions. As such it is actuality” Science of Logic University of the Sunshine Coast. Existence, Essence and Logic. The secret of being is the very possibility of being, but this possibility, separated from being, is an ontological mirage which leads one to believe in a metaphysics, in a substance distinct from its accidents, in a cause distinct from its effects, in an ontological possibility distinct from ontic actuality.

The Argument of the Tractatus.

There exiztence no external purposiveness, but an immanent purposiveness whose image in nature is organic life. What characterises the logical element is precisely this adequation between actuality and concept which is the complete development of the form. And such is the contradiction of hppolite or of reflection: He himself becomes the victim of this dialectic, of the anger raised against it; he is accused of disturbing the stable positions of ethics.

Does not its beginning already contain implicitly all of what its end will be?

Logic and Existence – Jean Hyppolite – Google Books

To speak of appearance, where we were speaking of being, is still to speak of being, because appearance really is in a certain sense. The absolute Idea is identical to nature. Billy Candelaria marked it as to-read Jun 05, Matt added it Feb 07, Open to the public Book English Show amd more libraries Thus nature and spirit are distinct modes through which the Absolute Idea presents its Dasein-spatial indifference and temporal dispersion-just as art and religion are distinct modes through which it apprehends itself and endows the image of the self with that of a being.


It does not ground its intelligibility behind itself, but in itself; it thinks itself just as much as it finds itself. Jordan Adams marked it as to-read Jan 27, Hegel’s difficulty lies in explaining “absolute being-other or absolute immediacy,” nature and spirit, insofar as they are also, in mean, concrete sciences, a philosophy of nature and a philosophy of spirit, what Hegel called at Jena Realphilosophie. This genesis resembles an organic growth, a perpetual reproduction and self-amplification.

The circle of Essence takes up that of Being, and the circle of the Concept that of Essence. Unstable becoming re-establishes a positivity.

The Categories of the Absolute. This reproduction is creation; it is simultaneously intuitive and discursive.

Hyppolite repeats Hegelian formulations in a way that seems to wxistence an argument, but the inferences are neither intuitive nor demonstrated. The Categories as Categories of the Absolute. But for whom is this in itself, determined as being, in itself? We see in Kant’s transcendental dialectic especially the opposition of “either