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Dr. Ali Shariati. Introduction. What has the experience of Hajj taught me? First one must ask – what does Hajj mean? In essence, Hajj is man’s evolution toward . Qul – The Islamic Library, Holy Quran, Islamic Occasions, Praying, Prophets, Duas, Imams, Islamic Forum, Islamc Question and Answer, Videos, Audio And More. Influenced by Iqbal’s Ideology and Philosophy Dr. Ali Shariati ( 77) Philosopher-activist Keywords: Ali Shariati, Islam, Islamic Modernity, Renaissance. Ali Shariati, contends that the .. 24 Dr. Ali Shariati, Hajj, tr. By Ali A. Behzadnia.

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Be a particle and join the mass; as a drop, enter the ocean.

Lastly, the player of the roles in this “show” is only one; and that is YOU! Rejecting an Empty Philosophy Life today not life as it should be carried on is ehariati idle cyclical action a movement with no goal!

PDF – Hajj by Dr Ali Shariati

They will meet at the same time and at the same place! No discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or social status is made. However, Shariati gave a critique about the historical development of religion and the modern philosophical and ideological movements and their relationship to both private ownership and the emergence of the machine.

In fact, according to Shariati, private ownership is the main cause of all modern problems. In the first place Shariati criticised western liberal democracy.

He believes that Imam is alive everywhere and every time.

The theme portrayed is the actions of the people involved. To return to Him signifies a definite movement toward perfection, goodness, beauty, power knowledge, value, and facts. Retrieved 1 August As a result, all his life a Hajj could remain a guide in the darkness of his society – like a glittering beam m the darkness!

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Islam is different from Sufism.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He believed shariatii the earthly religion and in the social context in which the meaning of society is construed.

Hajj (The Pilgrimage) | Books on Islam and Muslims |

shariatu For explaining better the commitment democracy, he at first divides between two concepts. They should help you to understand why it is incumbent upon Muslims to perform this duty, or at least motivate you to think about Hajj. Completely contrary to Hegel and his philosophy of history, Shariati believed that it is not true that the civilized human is less consciousness than modern people [ clarification needed ] but rather there is a difference between them.

Now let us look at one of these shzriati – Hajj – and search for its significance from a monotheistic point of view. The school guided young people to revolutionary action. He witnesses his own dead body and visits his own grave. Do you not hear Ibrahim’s command: Also Shariati, who was the fan of Georges Gurvitch in analysis of sociologybelieves that there is no special pattern for analysis of social affairs and historical events.

He is buried next to Sayyidah Zaynabthe granddaughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammadand the daughter of Aliin Damascus, Syria, where Iranian pilgrims often visit. What has the experience of Hajj taught me?

Therefore, he suggested to sharixti of reason as the axiom for understanding the other sources namely holy book or Qurantradition, syrah and consensus. At Miqat, regardless of your race or tribe, you must doff all the covers you wore in your daily life as: It is the rebellion against a damned fate guided by evil-forces.


Therefore, Islam could relate to the modern world as an ideology. According to Hamid Elgar, Shariati was the number one ideologue of the Islamic revolution. In his years at the Teacher’s Training College in Mashhad, Shariati came into contact with young people who were from less privileged economic classes of society, and for the first time saw the poverty and hardship that existed in Iran during that period.

According to this stand point, Shariati accepted the rationality of west.

Ali Shariati

It seems that some power composed of all physical facilities as well as knowledgeable advisors, openly or secretly has hired a group of the most educated and intelligent philosophers of history, social scientists, sociologists, social psychologists, politicians, human scientists, theologists.

This revolutionary act will reveal to you the clear horizon and free way to migration to eternity toward the Almighty Allah. He pointed out that there is a direct relationship between democracyliberalism and the plundering of nations.

Al-Quran Bangla Offline Audio.

Dismember yourself from the flock of those animals whose shepherd is the wolf. As for the concept of Jihad, it is absolutely forbidden and buried in the graveyard of history.