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Granolithic screed is a floor topping which is placed on to an existing hard base ( usually a concrete slab), to form a durable top surface. From the standpoint of their need to withstand we a r, floors constitute the most. i m p o rtant feature of modern. i n d u s t rial plants, warehouses and. A special “absorption process” granolithic floor topping has a high denstity, although it consists of essentially the same materials as found in convential concrete.

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Wearing (Granolithic) Screed, what is it and where best to use it. – The Screed Scientist®

Shacklock Shacklock, B. Though the performance and lifespan of granolithic screeds depend on the type of aggregate used, screed thickness, quality of finishing, curing and drying, screeders can enhance resistance to cracking, abrasion and wear by adding polymers and PP fibres to the screed mix.

It has a similar appearance to concreteand is used grabolithic provide a durable surface where texture and appearance are usually not important such as outdoor pathways or factory floors. Granolithic screed is used for applications where the surface needs to be hard-wearing like concrete, yet with a smoother finish.

What Does granolithic Mean? So, it can be used in a wide range of industrial flooring applications, such as food processing plants, industrial manufacturing and engineering, plus external pavements and ports, to name but a few. Because it is made with a high cement content and requires a great deal of water to mix, it may crack while drying.

To prevent screed failure, the screeder must comply with the recommended cement-aggregate-water proportions and use the right mixing techniques e. Wearing Granolithic Granolithhic, what is it and where best to use it. What granolithic screed does Rocland provide? Though granolithic toppings can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating, extra caution is required as excessive drying, cracking and curling f,ooring occur, especially when the commissioning grxnolithic of the underfloor heating system has not been performed correctly.


Video on how to turn your cracked concrete into a beautiful concrete floor. What is granolithic screed? Granolithic screeds consist of cement, sand and crushed rock aggregatesuch as granite, limestone and quartzite, in a 1: For example, if the floor needs to be cleaned regularly, to comply with hygiene requirements, make sure the screed has been designed to withstand regular contact with cleaning detergents.

What should be considered when choosing a granolithic screed? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Grano Colour data sheet Grano Colour is a cement-based, integrally coloured granolithic product for the surface hardening of freshly placed concrete or screeds. Concrete floor finishes for food processing facilities.

Grand Finishes Floors Matthew Nikitas Ebook Download granwax has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality wood floor seals finishes floors granwax finishes granwax direct find wood floor refinishing contractors in grand rapids mi to help you refinish wood flooring Contact us Footer – Contact us If you are human, leave this field blank. Another point worth mentioning is that granolithic toppings provide a rougher surface than other types of screeds.

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Granolithic screeds are not suitable for unbonded constructions. Cement and Concrete Association, London, Novpp.

This will reduce the chance of air bubbles forming in the mix, which can weaken the screed. Granolithic – Wikipedia Granolithic screed, also known as granolithic paving and granolithic concrete, is a type of construction material composed of cement and fine aggregate such as granite or other hard-wearing rock.


The screeds that have become slippery can be treated mechanically or chemically to provide a rougher surface. Consider what the floor will be used for, and what hazards might occur. What is it best used for?

Wearing screeds, widely known by the former name of granolithic screeds, are high-density toppings suitable for application to green or hard concrete slabs. Granolithic screedalso known as granolithic paving [1] and granolithic concrete[2] is a type of construction material composed of cement and fine aggregate such as granite or other hard-wearing rock. Download your free Practical Guide granolkthic Screed Testing here.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Consider the temperature range for the grranolithic, and ensure the screed will keep its properties in those conditions.

Wearing (Granolithic) Screed, what is it and where best to use it.

A granolithic screed floor is sometimes topped with a floor covering, such as tiles — but it can be left as the final floor finish if required.

Traditionally, granolithic finishes are used in applications where a sound, consistent, hard-wearing yet inexpensive surface is required e. The aggregate mixed with the cement can be of various size, shape, and material, depending on the texture of the surface needed and how long-lasting it must be.

Some screeds are available in colours, so you are not limited to grey!