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I found out from a friend of mine in San Diego that Gene Nocon died His ” Photographic Printing” was and still is my favorite darkroom book. Books» Reference» Download Photographic Printing by Gene Nocon pdf. Download PDF · Read online. Buy Photographic Printing ✓ FREE SHIPPING . A guide to photographic printing. Using only the equipment and materials already available in the average darkroom, the Nocon method puts top-quality prints.

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Dec 2, 7. Maybe he is better when writing that when talking. How well the title of the video reflects the video’s content 2. Dec 1, 4. It makes good business sense. His popularity and zeal for photography led to his own television series, Nocon on Photographymade for Thames Television. But what the hell, each unto his own and if he wants, thinks digital is better for his clients then so be it.

As he once quoted, the true founder of photography must be the person who impressed the negative onto a durable captured surface. Do you gee have an account?

Interesting video with Gene Nocon: Dec 1, 1. Visit RH Designs’s homepage!

I felt that only Jeremy Paxman, formerly of Newsnight, might have been the only one capable of pinning him down I got the clear impression that f stop printing was not the real reason for the video.


The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated. The video made no attempt to explain the f-stop printing methodolgy.

Find all posts by DougHowk. Most of all he was the most self effacing, kind hearted and generous person to have known. LointainDec 1, This is fair enough but then towards the end he seemed to regret the passing of darkroom art in a kind of end of a Golden era scenario and blames current photography teachers printinv the darkroom’s demise He just seemed to be facing both ways at the same time.

He was that in droves. I have had better returns elsewhere than I got for investing 33 mins of my time in the video Mike.

I went to a party Saturday and took two rolls of film that I developed last night ,and I am going in to my darkroom today to print them up ,that’s what its all about ,what ever way you want to do it its up to you ,but as long as you are happy with the finished print that is all that matters.

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Gene Nocon

What other viewers believe Gene Nocon to be saying about what can be achieved with the Cecil Beaton print done in PS as compared to the darkroom printinf. Maybe but getting the neg exposure and dev correct in the first place would make making a wet print easy enough so where does that leave the digital aspect. I have his Photographic Printing book as well, and his methods pritning the way I printed at the time. No, create an account now. Whether it I could have done it without is a moot point.


I’ve used gens pre-flasher for around 2 years, and find it extremely useful. I have his book and have these words, from there, on my noticeboard. F-stop printing calculator app. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice.

Gene Nocon | The Times

I managed 5mins before I got bored. I think the fstop Timer may have saved my darkroom career. It was poorly explained and neither the interviewer nor Gene had any real interest in giving a proper explanation.

The printer is essentially a major part of the art. If there was detail in the highlights in the negative then it must have been.

Amazon UK list about 10 copies at.