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Chapter 2. COUNTERMOBILITY FUNDAMENTALS. This chapter provides a standard classification and a detailed discussion of existing and reinforcing. Full text of “FM Countermobility” Countermobility support is divided into mine warfare and obstacle development, each with an ultimate goal of delaying, . FM Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 14 March C O U N T E R M O B I L I T Y. he foundation for engineer doctrine in .

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These features are variable in effectiveness as obstacles.

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What are the anticipated weather conditions? The delay of an advancing column by an unexpected obstacle not only disrupts coordination and slows the tempo of battle, but also causes succeeding units to combine with those in front, creating a highly rewarding target for friendly fires. Rather, there will be a series of offensive and counteroffensive axes in the form of spurs and salients.

Individual obstacles must be sited and designed to tie in with existing obstacles or with each other. Closely spaced trees much smaller than 25 centimeters 10 inches in diameter will stop a tank even on level ground. Critical terrain features dominating both banks.

As the charge has insufficient force to blow these clods clear of the hole, they will fall back into it when the blast subsides. For example, destruction of a major highway through a wooded area is largely ineffective if any nearby road or opening that offers a ready bypass route is left open. Prohibited targets must also be identified.

By varying the type, design, and location, the enemy’s understanding and breaching of our obstacle system is made more difficult. In the conduct of engineer reconnaissance, the most commonly employed formation is the Soviet engineer reconnaissance patrol, Inzhenemy Razvedyvatel’ny Dozer IRD. Because of the angle tanks must attempt to cross, they tend to slip sideways and ride off their tracks.

Seasonal weather patterns are important. Methods, materials, and equipment span the same spectrum. Countermobility support is divided into mine warfare and obstacle development, each with an ultimate goal of delaying, stopping, or channelizing the enemy. Selected denial targets are integrated into the overall strategic and tactical concepts of the theater.


The demolition guard must be of sufficient strength and size to protect the obstacle and prevent enemy capture prior to execution. These conduits are provided to accommodate the main and reserve firings systems. If permitted, ffm controlled flooding can be used, not only to inundate areas, but also to create soft or slippery areas where soil countermobilityy would make this possible. During floods, minor rivers and streams can become major obstacles. However, an average of four to six lanes can be expected with at least two developed into permanent lanes, 6 to 8 meters wide, for passage of artillery and logistic vehicles.

Temperate zone forests tend to canalize movement since the roads, trails, and firebreaks through them provide the only means for rapid movement. Posts are among the best antivehicular obstacles because each post presents breaching problems to the attacker. If a bridge is blown too early, it may give the enemy time to change direction and therefore not impede his mobility at all.

By their strategic nature, they also may have a much greater impact upon the civilian population. The purpose of engineer reconnaissance is to develop intelligence supporting the employment of first echelon assault elements. Scuba divers and power boats will constantly patrol both upstream and downstream approaches to the crossing site, counternobility outposts will be cm along likely land approaches.

Consequently, there is an overlapping of objectives in the two plans. Responsibility for some significant tactical and strategic denial targets requires coordination at all levels of command, since specific targets may be of such overwhelming importance to the theater and the theater commander’s mission that the commander is unwilling to delegate authority for destruction.

In some instances, engineers are clandestinely dropped by parachute directly on the water obstacle. Enter Your Email Address.

Ports can be destroyed by nuclear or conventional demolitions; scuttling ships in harbors, across bars, alongside quays, piers, and docks; removing or destroying cranes, lighters, tugs, rail facilities, channel markers, and communications equipment; removing pilots cokntermobility key navigational personnel; and destroying bulk POL-handling equipment.

FM 5-102 Countermobility

Significance to Friendly Forces Site preparation is a critical phase of a threat river crossing operation. The United States has renounced the first use of chemical weapons. This technique will shatter the material sufficiently to make excavation easier and thereby raising production rates. Craters are effective obstacles to enemy movement when constructed properly and located at critical points along his movement route. The forward end section is fitted with a roller to facilitate insertion of the charge into a minefield.


Obstacles should not impede our own mobility; or, if they do, they should be reserved targets or scatterable mines with a self-destruct time coordinated to future maneuver plans.

In threat theory, preventing enemy exploitation of such a condition relies, on two actions: Bank composition and height. Conducting engineer reconnaissance will assist in identifying planned crossing sites for combined arms teams and the times of attack. However, an average f, four to six lanes can be expected with at least two developed into permanent lanes, 6 to 8 meters wide, for passage of artillery and logistic vehicles. The logistic and manpower requirements are greatly reduced when ADM are used rather than conventional explosive.

Thus, a short, deep mine and gun obstacle belt is preferred countermovility a long, thin one, making choice of position critical. Route preparation of approaches to crossing points will follow the same procedures as in the approach march.

FM Countermobility – Chptr 7 Denial Operations

The desired effect is to degrade the enemy soldier’s will and induce a feeling of hopelessness. Operator training is an absolute must to attain maximum production. Cuts have similar significance. Again, more -5102 one team may be used to construct the ditch. Know threat capabilities and make sure that the obstacle or obstacles selected will accomplish the mission.

Combat vehicles follow these plow-equipped tanks in the breaching of a minefield. Reinforcing obstacles are placed on the battlefield through military effort and are designed to strengthen the existing terrain to slow, stop, or canalize the enemy.

During floods, minor rivers and streams can become major obstacles.