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The #1 New York Times bestseller that charts America’s dangerous drift into a drifted from linking the sacrifices of our armed forces around the world to the. DRIFT The Unmooring of American Military Power By Rachel Maddow; WARTIME An Idea, Its history, Its Consequences By Mary L. Dudziak. Rachel Maddow argues that the decision to take America to war has become too easy. The Unmooring of American Military Power.

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She’s one of my heroes and one of the reasons I’m as passionate about politics as I am, so blame her for me!

This is not a partisan thing. I want to commend the author on her research, she thr spot-on with the facts and gives IMO an accurate view of what is wrong and how to fix it. Rachel Anne Maddow is an American radio personality, television host, and political commentator.

She has also included fascinating reportage on how and when the percentage of our spending on the military shot up to its current stratospheric levels. And Yes, the use of contractors under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama make our war efforts far less accountable to the public. Unfortunately, the trend did not improve under the last two Democratic Presidents, in fact it got worse.

Drift Unmooring American Military Power, Mar 31 | Video |

I recently finished reading this book. This is a great book, by a liberal from a military family.

While all that may seem too broad a topic for a short book like this, Maddow examples are well told, and largely alarming. Now, under Presidents Bush and Obama, war has become a state of life for the US people – something that we expect and don’t really notice that much anymore. Well, how about shifting the military actions into areas that Congress can see, but will not be able to talk about?

But Drift is not heavy reading, and her cheerfully snarky voice unnmooring instantly recognizable…A thought-provoking and timely book.


But it would be hard to argue against, say, reducing our nuclear infrastructure to what we actually need. In Econthey teach that the big-picture fight over national priorities is guns versus butter.

Anyway, an excellent book. Although many will discount her work because of her strong political views, Maddow is a great talent, and I look forward to seeing more from her. Despite her academic credentials, the book is written in a casual, conversational tone.

Ultimately, I call it mulitary because of Maddow’s remarkable ability to clear away clutter from the last 40 years militaryy look at one particular thread of history–the consolidation of military control militaty the hands of POTUS, and what that has done to us as a country.

Drift by Rachel Maddow | : Books

They are not bound by the military for their conduct, they are paid better then the troops and we never hear of their deaths. It’s weak, at best. Rather, it is the year result of a great people with self-correcting values, that simply took the easy way — drifted — by not hewing to those values.

Or during our worst Caribbean adventures? Maddow could have spent more time looking at drones, and other modern issues that may only get worse in the future. And when private contractors on our payroll commit illegal acts, they should be prosecuted, not given more contracts.

Footnotes or endnotes are now where to be found, leaving the reader with a hint of “where did that fact come from? History Domestic Politics Audiobooks. Preview — Drift by Rachel Maddow. View all 11 comments. There’s a paucity of people like her in the US today, and Drift should be applauded.

But after a generation or two of shedding the deliberate political encumbrances to war that they left us Neither Jefferson nor the other Founders could ever have envisioned the modern national security state, with its tens of thousands of “privateers”; its bloated Department of Homeland Security; its rusting nuclear weapons, ill-maintained and difficult to dismantle; and its s “One of my favorite ideas is, never to keep an unnecessary soldier,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in Maddow focuses only on the particular scandal of the private contractors in the Balkans, but fails to make a full, degrees, compelling argument.


I agree with one reviewer who writes: I mostly found ad hominem attacks on Maddow herself: She offers a passel of policy suggestions at the end of the book.

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power

That wasn’t enough for me to be happy with it. Too many segments are not contextualized]. Maddow accepts that war is sometimes necessary. Maddow has a particular political bent; I’m not about to pretend she doesn’t.

If this sounds like you, then Rachel Maddow’s Drift: There is no denying she is a liberal, but she did a massive amount of research to produce this book.

Wasn’t America a nation interested in its imperial role, waging countless unmmooring again Native Americans, Mexicans, and colonial powers as the new country stretched to encompass a continent?

March 31, Drift: In fairness, I searched for decent rebuttals to her claims online. I have a vague memory of it happening but the details were fuzzy.

Maddow focuses almost entirely on how Presidents from LBJ on made the military less accountable to Congress and to the general public. That’s not that long, is it? Rather, it’s an unabashed cry for reason and, dare I say, peace in our time.

I haven’t seen any. If the rest of the book was horrible, and it isn’t, this chapter would make up for it. Maybe mllitary a follow up? Nov 20, T. If you added up what every other country spent on its military inthe US military budget was about half that total; bythose two numbers were equal. Very scary and simultaneously infuriating.

Given that almost everyone on Goodreads loved ubmooring book, I’m genuinely wondering if the author succeeded at “sparking a debate”.