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What This Guide Offers. The content in this guide will help partners integrate the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach into their service practice helping to increase . Around 7 hours of free training video content. In the first session titled “Design Methodologies and Approaches” the presenters discuss PPDIOO. Clarifying PPDIOO So here is a clarification that I had posted in the past regarding the first four phases of the PPDIOO framework.

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The network design specification is a comprehensive detailed design that meets current business and technical requirements, and incorporates specifications to support availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is necessary to includes steps to verify and check the work of the engineers implementing the plan. Reactive fault detection and correction troubleshooting is needed when proactive management cannot predict and ciscl failures.

The main documented reasons for applying a lifecycle approach to campus design are as follows:. The design specification is the basis for the ppdoo activities. You can simplify the design phase with following steps:.

You can also follow this project Plan for remaining phases of cicso life cycle. For the designing the network topology the csico approach that the Cisco recommends is top down approach, it mean start from layer-7 of OSI model to layer Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Configures Layer 3 interfaces for IP address and routing info on new campus switches. Sure we hate to admit it but sometimes things happen out of our control Example: Implementation of a network design consists of several phases install hardware, configure systems, launch into production, and so on.


In the PPDIOO process, the optimization phase can prompt a network redesign if too many network problems and errors arise, if performance does not meet expectations, or if new applications are identified to support organizational and technical requirements. See All Related Articles.

Article is provided courtesy of Cisco Press. NOTE It is best-practice to lay out implementation steps in a tabular form and review those steps with your peers.

Cisco PPDIOO | A Network Life Cycle

Network availability has always been a top priority of enterprises. See All Related Articles. Design — This is where some of the fun begins. One ppdioi thing to note that your network life cycle may not podioo to go through all the phases in the define order.

It would also be wise to verify the network backbone will be able to handle the new traffic load. You can build a business case in this phase which can provide you the financial justifications for overall network strategy.

Notify me of new comments via email. The look and feel of your actual implementation plan can vary to meet the requirements of your organization. This article gives an overview of the PPDIOO lifecycle, what happens at each stage, and what potential deliverables would be expected at each stage.

My journey to CCIE! Occhiogrosso May 9, at 9: The network lifecycle approach cidco several key benefits aside from keeping the design process organized.

Each step for each phase in the implementation phase is described briefly, with references to the detailed implementation plan for cisc details. You also need to look at network management process, you may need to work on fault management, configuration management, performance management, security management and accounting management in order to finalizing the network plan. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Although complex implementation steps usually require the designer to carry out the implementation, other staff members can complete cicso detailed implementation steps without the direct involvement of the designer.


Cisco’s PPDIOO Network Cycle > Overview

This leaves 2 options advise management to have the cordless phone removed, or move the users to another frequency that is uneffected by the phone. IT and network infrastructure of an organization directly related to business goal of that organization. Enterprises need to react quickly to changes in the ppdjoo.

Verifies that interconnects have links on respective switches.

Cisco’s PPDIOO Network Cycle

In optimize phase you can modify network design if problem are coming out. Like the previous phases, design phase is based on requirement of any business as it ciisco parallel with technical requirements, it includes high availability, and making sure you have redundancy, failover and fault mechanism at software and hardware level.

For solving problem you can go back to your previous phases for example prepare and plan phase, make the changes there and then again test the changes in operate or optimize phase. Configures Layer 3 interfaces for IP address and routing configuration on new modules in campus backbone. Tests access layer ports on new campus switches by piloting access for a few enterprise applications.

Chapter Description This chapter introduces you to the concepts of enterprise campus designs, along with an implementation process that can ensure a successful campus network deployment.