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Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Servant of the Buddha) went forth as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) in , at the age of twenty. After a few years of study in Bangkok, which . THE VENERABLE Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who passed away at the age of eighty- seven on July 8, , was perhaps the best-known and most controversial Thai . Ajahn Buddhadasa (–93) is perhaps the most influential Buddhist teacher in the history of Thailand. In he founded Suan.

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The news of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, his work, and Suan Mokkh gradually spread over the years.


buddhwdasa His ecological concerns translated naturally into a preference for simplicity. Suan Mokkh is not so much a physical place as it is the space of liberation that we all must discover in this very life. Ajarn Buddhadasa died in after buddgadasa series of heart attacks and strokes that he kept bouncing back from in order to teach.

In many respects, he provided important connections between the scriptural tradition and engaged Buddhist practice today.

He provided budshadasa link between the scriptural tradition and engaged buddhist practice today. Wherever the conditions and signs of prison exist, right there is dukkha. Most of the monks involved in nature conservation and community development were inspired by him.


However, his personal practice was very much grounded in advanced research and interpretation of early Pali texts on the one hand and on his radical private experimentation on the other. His books can be found in bookstores around the country and are favorites as gifts at cremations.

His approach was always scientific, straight-forward, and practical. During the political competition between capitalism and communism, Suan Mokkh served as a middle ground for both left and right. Buddhadasa renounced civilian life in Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It now functions under the name “Daun Kiam” or Suan Atammayatarama. Under his influence it grew into a monastery with a buddgadasa and feel quite different than most, or perhaps all, Thai monasteries. Views Read Edit View history. The establishment of this Garden and the contemplation behind it can be described as one of the most influential events in the history of Buddhism in Siam.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

His primary buikkhu mainly focused on the quiet awareness of one’s breathing pattern called anapanasati. Buddhism, however, is not a form of materialism, nor is it the kind of idealism that sees the world as just an unimportant derivative illusion.

Swearer chief translator and editor. Although his formal education only went as far as the ninth grade and the beginning levels of Pali studies, five honorary doctorates huddhadasa Thai universities have been bestowed upon this monk.


State University of New York Press.

Ajahn Buddhadasa Indapanno – Suan Mokkh

A single bowl of sauce: In the forest, plants, animals, bugs, and germs are all doing their parts cooperatively to sustain the forest. At Suan Mokkh, most of the talks, ceremonies, and other activities were outdoors.

For such a place to work harmoniously, everyone must be motivated to do ones part. Phutthathat PhikkhuMay 27, — May 25, bhikhku a famous and influential Thai ascetic-philosopher of the 20th century.

Interpreted live from the Thai by Ajahn Ranjuan. How can they be the same or in conflict when they don’t even exist? On the other hand, he could be tough, which was in line buddhadas his view of nature. Many of the organizers and workers were directly inspired or influenced by him — the only major Buddhist teacher of the time who thought seriously and spoke out about social issues and politics. This interest was practical rather than scholarly. The charges were proven to be untenable, but the threat was clear.