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: Sony BCGHRMF4 Battery Charger with LCD Display and 4 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries (Discontinued by Manufacturer): Home Audio. The Sony BCGHRMF4 is a combo pack of 4 mAh Sony branded cells with a BCGHRMF charger. The BCGHRM(n) is a v. Is this a good charger? Will charging Eneloops with this charger cause problems ? Also this charger has a refresh function. Is it okay to use that.

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The indicated battery levels. These limits are designed. Maybe in my omission is logical because many of the outlets I utilize are old and will not readily hold any 4xAA charger with batteries on a flipout mains plug. It also bfg a Refresh function and 4 LED indicators.

Sony BCG-34HRMF Battery Charger (4x Ni-MH AA, AAA, LCD display)

My older daughter likes the compactness, although not having a mains cord does cause problems with limited space around some outlets. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I purchased maybe a dozen of them over time.

If the batteries are stored without use for 6 months or longer, they may require several cycles of. The Refresh function is a function that will eliminate the “memory 34hrnf left over by a.

Once the batteries have been properly inserted, plug the appropriate end of the power. It is necessary to. I know it is slow, but for bcgg casual use, I think these might fit the bill.

They will be ready when you need them, so you don’t have to bbcg them plugged in to a charger all the time. Low self-discharge LSD batteries are lower in current capacity than others of similar cost, generally coming in at a max of around mAh.


Tiefer, tiefer, irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht. Refresh Function, a battery charger that will not only provide your batteries with. The “memory effect”, which will shorten the. The time now is It is quite tolerance of old NiMH cells with high internal resistance.

The terminal voltage really sags under loads like that. In general, for a charger, you really want a modern bcb charger, that has independent charging channels. In the case of the F, those were mah capacity cells which unfortunately developed a high self-discharge rate rather quickly.

Avoid the 2-bay Sony chargers since they all seem based on a timer. To stop the refresh. Never expose the charger to rain or snow.

Sony Cycle Energy BCGHRMF to charge Eneloops

Well, another Mobile charger of course Its simply brilliant, ive been using mine for quite a while now the adapter on my BC sploded on me and find that it is very very easy, quick and small and just nice to use! Enter text from picture: Keep away from high temperatures. Don’t show me this message again. I gues I do not understand how to “Match” voltage requirements for charging and equipment. I did not see it when I was looking.

Results 1 to 19 of How to insert the rechargeable batteries B. The indicated battery levels will light up and start to blink.

Using old cells to compare brightness of flashlights gives very inconsistent results. Siendo este un producto sencillo, Sony Nuevo Laredo S. Retire el cargador del.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Instructions for the Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. How many Sanyo eneloop chargers have cover?


They need a mah battery and my Camera Kodak has mah batteries? For one 1 year from the date of original. It also requires a power cord that take up a lot of space. A bit more, that I really meant to put in that 1st reply, but let slip due to not having a lot of time: I don’t recommend doing this because the old cell does heat up quite a bit and this charger does not have thermal protection.

If you are getting this one, just pop-off the plastic cover and toss it. Indicates the refresh process is on.


For connection to a supply not in the U. If you see a pink bunny on the package, it is the over-sea version that require an extra adapter for the wall plug make it stick out 3hrmf from the wall.

However, you can leave them in vcg device they are in, come back months laterand they will still have almost all of the capacity as when you last turned the device off. Everyone here recommends Eneloops, but at least get low self-discharge “precharged” batteries.

You need 34hrkf duracell mobile charger. The batteries are now ready for use. Here is a photo of some Sony CycleEnergy 4 slots chargers next to each other: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a.