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Visit our website and learn more about AS standards. Technical Committee, FP, Automatic Fire Sprinkler Installations, is undertaking a full revision of AS Major changes in the current. AS — Automatic fire sprinkler systems Part 1: General systems This is a free 11 page sample. Access the fu.

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Standards Australia works closely with industry partners to bring technical standard documents in line with current practice.

Standards Australia update: January | Australian Building Codes Board

Major changes in the current draft include:. Expect to see changes such as:. This 2118.11 ensures the priorities for industry are being addressed. It provides a higher level of stability and outcome-based strategies that align with the three year amendment cycle for the NCC. Consensus-based standards have been a focus of the Technical Committees.


Standards Australia Draft for Comment and Ballot – AS – AHSCA NSW

However, did you know that everyone has an opportunity to 2118.11 the content of an updated standard prior to its completion? Make sure you have your say. View the draft standards currently open for comment.

Anyone wishing to propose a new project at Standards Australia whether it be a new standard, a revision or an amendment will need to complete and submit a Proposal Form. More information is available from Standards Australia.

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Standards currently being revised include: Major changes in the current draft include: Removing references to third party standards. The necessary content is now included as part of the standard, helping users to have all their information in one place.

Adopting current developments in sprinkler technology with certainty as to what is a DTS installation.

Standards Catalogue

Information for designers and installers to prevent inadvertent under or over design of sprinkler systems. Expect to see changes such as: A restructure of the document and content to make it easier to use and to improve its readability. Inclusion of new technologies and industry best practices to enable competitive and cost-effective design and water conservation.


The introduction of a range of provisions for high rise buildings based on internationally applied standards. Have your say Consensus-based standards have been a focus of the Technical Committees.

We look forward to working with you. Was this article helpful?

Documents for consideration as part of a Performance Solution. Finding the answers with ABCB education material. Improving qs with software in building compliance.

Energy efficiency and the NCC. What’s been happening in WaterMark?