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Greens Power Equipment India Private Limited offering AQC and PH Boiler in Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. PH Boiler. Turbine / Generator. Building. Demineralizer. Building. Cooling Tower. AQC Boiler. Waste Heat Recovery. Power Generation. Based upon the parameters the systems are selected to optimise the performance. Settlement room. Generator. Steam turbine. TG-. Condenser. AQC boiler.

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The source of heat for a boiler is combustion of any of several fuelssuch as woodcoaloilor natural gas. The first is through use of a steam jet.

The fluid at that point may be a mix of steam and liquid droplets as it passes into the condenser. If feed water is then sent into the empty boiler, the small cascade of incoming water instantly boils on contact with the superheated metal shell and leads to a violent explosion that cannot be controlled even by safety steam valves. The steam piping is directed through the flue gas path in the boiler furnace, an area in which the temperature is typically between 1, and 1, degrees Celsius 2, and 2, degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, higher steam pressure will be possible than with saturated steam, enabling the steam to carry more energy. To define and secure boilers safely, some professional specialized organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME develop standards and regulation codes.

Mechanical forced draught is provided by means of a fan forcing air into the combustion chamber. Dampers are used to control the quantity of air admitted to the furnace. A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid generally water is heated. Aqv is more common with larger boilers where the flue gases have to travel a long distance through bokler boiler passes. Navy destroyers built during World War II operated at pounds per square inch 4, kilopascals pressure and degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius superheat.

The AQC boiler with settling chamber

Wrought iron boilers corrode far more slowly than their modern-day steel counterparts, and are less susceptible to localized pitting and stress-corrosion. Since the heated flue gas is less dense than the ambient air surrounding the boiler, the flue gas rises in the chimney, pulling denser, fresh air into the combustion chamber. In live steam modelscopper or brass is often used because it is more easily fabricated in smaller size boilers. Through either method, the extreme heat in the flue gas path will also heat the superheater steam piping and the steam within.


This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Natural draught through the use of a chimney is a type of induced draught; mechanical draught can be induced, forced or balanced. Stainless steelespecially of the austenitic types, is not used in noiler parts of boilers due to corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. In the 20th century, design practice moved towards the use of steel, with welded construction, which is stronger and cheaper, and can be fabricated more quickly and with less labour.

For much of the Victorian “age of steam”, the boler material used for boilermaking was the highest grade of wrought iron, with assembly by riveting. Early boilers provided this stream of air, or draughtthrough the natural action of convection in a chimney connected to the exhaust of the bkiler chamber.

At best, this increases energy costs and can lead boielr poor quality steam, reduced efficiency, shorter plant life aqcc unreliable operation.

Almost all induced draught furnaces operate with a slightly negative pressure.

Some are a combination of the two types. The pressure vessel of a boiler is usually made of steel or alloy steelor historically of wrought iron.

AQC and PH Boiler

Thin and brittle metal shells can rupture, while poorly welded or riveted seams could open up, leading to a violent eruption of the pressurized steam. Heat recovery steam generators HRSGs use the heat rejected from other processes such as gas turbine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The steam jet oriented in the direction of flue gas flow induces flue gases into the stack and allows for a greater flue gas velocity increasing the overall draught in the furnace.

Historically, boilers were a source of many serious injuries and property destruction due to poorly understood boile principles. To aqf the reader some perspective, aqv steam plants boier in many U. The second method is by simply using an induced draught fan ID fan which removes flue gases from the furnace and forces the exhaust gas up the stack.


Others are convection type, absorbing heat from a fluid. Where a large volume of hot gas is available from some process, a heat recovery steam generator or recovery boiler can use the heat to produce steam, with little or no extra fuel consumed; such a configuration is common in a boiiler cycle power plant where a gas turbine and a steam boiler are used. That makes the longevity of older wrought-iron boilers far superior to that of welded steel boilers.

All these factors make proper draught hard to attain and therefore make mechanical draught equipment much more reliable and economical.

ISGEC | Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Manufacturers | PH boilers | AQC boilers

Also, small leaks that are not visible at the point of leakage could sqc lethal if an boileg were to step into the escaping steam’s path.

Superheater operation is similar to that of the coils on an air conditioning unit, although for a different purpose. As a superheated boiler is usually operated at high pressure, the corresponding feedwater pressure must be even higher, demanding a more robust pump design.

To measure the boiler efficiency in indirect method, we need a following parameter like:.

However, the overall energy efficiency of the steam plant the combination of boiler, superheater, piping and machinery generally will be improved enough to more than offset the increased fuel consumption.

At worst, it can lead to catastrophic failure and loss of life.

The term “boiler” should not be used for a supercritical pressure steam generator, as no “boiling” occurs in this device. Although superheating adds more energy to the steam in the form of heat there is no effect on pressure, which is determined by the rate at which steam is drawn from the boiler and the pressure settings of the safety valves. In some cases byproduct fuel such as the carbon-monoxide rich offgasses boi,er a coke battery can be burned to heat a boiler; biofuels such as bagasse bkiler, where economically available, can also be used.