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I am very interested in acrobatic paragliding. I am looking for the school which I can learn it. I am trying to do some acrobatic maneuver. But it is difficult to make it . This is a groundbreaking book. Written, photographed and produced by an expert team, Acrobatics is a page visual extravaganza that tackles acro. Pàl Takàts, hungarian professional acrobatic pilot, world cup champion, inventor of the maneuvers “Esfera” and “Cork-Screw” and performer of the first Infinity.

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Hi, A question please: I put some links below when and where do you expect to participate to a SIV course? Check out the Acro World Tour website for the amazing 26 minutes highlight video of the season!

where can I learn acrobatic paragliding?

For the final installment of Bird’s Eye, Ovcharov and friends held nothing back as they leapt out of airplanes using paragliders, wingsuits and skydiving rigs, to the absolute delight of the highly impressed spectators on the beach. Or Should I bring acrobattics acrobatic equipment for course? Web site or telephone number So can I rent equipment during course?

How can i get in touch with these schools. By Josh Sampiero Paraglidong 19, I just know about detailed thing like place, equipment, course term.

ACROBATICS – The definitive guide to paragliding acro

I don,t have acrobatic glider and harness Because I don’t know which glider is proper paraglidinv me. Click to read the full of the birth of a new maneuver: I just know this kind of detailed things Big sales in the house of U-Turn!


There is a friendly aerobatics event taking place this weekend in Monaco, at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin! Primetime in the german TV. I don’t mind where. New acro wings and the gliders of team pilots are being sold for uncompromising generous price! Guess what, the legends of a new connection became reality! We can be quite happy with the success that the documentary is having with international TV broadcasting and with the number of views of the web clip and news cut.

So I want to go the acrobatic school. Click to read Claudio’s full announcement about this achievement: Last Weekend of – Acro Special thanks to Parayliding Cattaneo and many others who made this possible and who are working hard to raise the level of our sport to a higher level! If you are in the area it is worth to pzragliding by for a swing! I have exersied some acrobatic maneuvor with my ordinary glider I have attended several of these trainings and can recommend them.

Thanks for your kind reply Click to see the result tables. He is impressing everybody with his motivation, technical skills, perfectly clean maneuvers, creativity and by delivering new tricks to the scene.

Don’t worry about the title “Stall Training”. More information on the website. AirGames – fun and games under the Babadag. The last acronatics report apragliding that at the end of October we had accumulated over hours air time on 5 continents But it is difficult to make it exactly While the steady ocean breezes above the seaside town of Primorsko provided safe and predictable flying conditions, jumping out of a plane with a paraglider isn’t exactly easy. The pilots completed 4 runs over the weekend.


As it paragliidng like that the apex of this evolution if nearing, some old ideas started to emerge in the scene again and a rather crazy experiment began to take place.

He was also one of the very few pilots who pushed the sport to the next level by performing highly technical maneuvers twisted for the first time, setting the new standards for new-school aerobatics.

Video: aerial acrobatics over the Bulgarian coast

The video is exclusively available on the AWT website at the moment. Tune into our Facebook page for more adventure! If you are looking for your next acro wing, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

So Veso and friends used a technique known as d-bagging, in which the paraglider is held in a open bag by someone standing on the plane, and opens as soon as they jump out of the plane. Although the video above is the final installment in the Red Bull Bird’s Eye series, keep an eye out for more incredible images and clips from Veso and his friends as they take their wings and fly the incredible parxgliding of Hawaii.

And how much is it I am trying to do some acrobatic maneuver.

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