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The Thirteenth Tribe is a book that attempts to explain the origins of Eastern Europe’s Jewish population,largely decimated by the Nazi onslaught during the. Jewish author, Arthur Koestler has published a page book titled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE which proves the Eastern European Jews are NOT related to. The Thirteenth Tribe has ratings and 55 reviews. Issa said: ***Kendisi Budapeşte Yahudisi olan ünlü düşünür Arthur Koestler’in bu araştırması üzerindeki.

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The record shows there were Semitic Jews fromConstantinople and Persia living among the Khazars before and after theconversion and no one knows what method the conversion may have taken in anycase, whether rabbincally sanctioned at the outset or only after the fact ornot at all.

Koestler makes the argument, though the evidence to support it seems rather thin, that the Khazars then built and enjoyed a more prosperous settled nation than any of the earlier steppe tribes had been able to do. He produces a large body of meticulously detailed research.

The Thirteenth Tribe – Wikipedia

Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. Koestler thinks it unlikely that Jews from the west would have chosen to, or even been able to, specialize in rural-oriented enterprises.

View all 3 comments. I’ve seensome rather vituperative attacks on Jews claiming support from the fact thatthey, the Jews, stem from a putative race of Arthhr barbarians who weredestructive rather than constructive and essentially parasitic on theEuropean communities and groups they came into contact with in EasternEurope. Essentially, as Koestler tells it, the Scandinavian Rus sometimes known as the eastern Vikings were able to subdue the relatively peaceable Slavs and eventually integrate themselves into their ruling castes, just as the Normans did in England around the same time.

Referencing The Thirteenth Tribethe study’s authors note that “Some authors argue that after the fall of their kingdom in the second half of the 10th century CE, the Khazar converts were absorbed by the emerging Ashkenazi Jewish community in Eastern Arrthur.


Koestler’s hypothesis is that the Khazars — who converted to Judaism in the 8th century — migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe primarily UkrainePoland, BelarusLithuaniaHungary and Germany in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing.

Retrieved from ” https: A study by Nebel et al. Radical Religion in America: In retired U. Read the books below. This is, too say the least, a contentious idea. Koestler biographers have kkoestler been critical of the work.

Arthur Koestler – The Thirteenth Tribe – Free PDF!

Even for most of us who are insatiably curious about history, knowledge of the history of the Caspian basin in this historical epoch is rare. If they want to call themselves the chosen of the Yahweh demon thats their own business I suppose but when fables aryhur historical falsehoods are used as justifications for global political maneuverings that more often than not have seriously negative ramifications for the majority of the people on this planet then I begin to have a problem with koestlee.

Anyone opposing the increasing Jewish control of the nations was immediately branded “anti-Semitic;” and Jewish dominated Seminaries taught new ministers to trieb Genesis Who Are The Jews?

That Khazar Kingdom existed is an established fact.

The Thirteenth Tribe

And if thereweren’t, so what? So what to make of all this? Hundert wrote in trkbe is no evidence to support the theory that the ancestors of Polish Jewry were 13tg who came from the Crimean Jewish kingdom of Khazaria”, describing Koestler as the “best-known advocate” of the theory.

Although interesting at the time it was written, subsequent research has disproved the thesis of the book.

In the second part of this book, “The Heritage,” Mr. Open Preview See a Problem?

Robert Kirsch of the Los Angeles Times stated in his lengthy review that ‘Arthur Koestler publicizes with his customary skills a daring hypothesis: The Scythian, Magyar, Saltovo, Bulgar, and Pecheneg peoples also inhabited this area and their histories in this area are also relatively unknown.


Mattias Gardell writes that Koestler’s thesis is “partly based on amateur anthropology”, [1] and its scientific arguments come from The Myth of a Jewish Race by Raphael Patai and his daughter Jennifer. Had they, I doubt it would be making such a popular posting topic here on Facebook. Quotes from The Thirteenth Tr Tell him to preach the truth – or resign! A really fascinating show and one that should be shared.

At about the time that Charlemagne was Emperor in the West.

The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage

It would of course be foolish to deny that Jews of different origin also contributed to the existing Jewish world-community. It is unlikely that the Khazars cease to exist, instead, a more likely scenario is presented by Koestler.

Nov 29, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: David Duke has a scientific and historical discussion of the “Jews are Khazars” theory, asking the listeners to weigh the evidence and rethink the “Khazar Theory.

Are our Jewish politicians, publishers, movie makers, and opinion molders God’s “Chosen People”? In the Arab world the theory espoused in Koestler’s book was adopted by persons who argued that if Ashkenazi Jews are primarily Khazar and not Semitic in origin, they would have no historical claim to Israel, nor would they be the subject of the Biblical promise of Canaan to the Israelitesthus undermining the theological basis of both Koeatler religious Zionists and Christian Zionists.

Koestler became a British citizen, and all his books since have been written in English, He now lives in London.

Complicating the matter is the suspicion that the Khazar conversion may not have been a ‘kosher’ one, thereby raising further questions re: I found it interesting, but then I’m the type that reads scholarly history for fun.